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Flexible Moments of Life, 2016-ongoing

a series of paintings that were displayed in an immersive installation that consisted of a fabric construction. The pictures are based on drawings that were originally intended to serve as drafts for pictures but then became the depicted object themselves

Wonky Wonder Woods, 2022

An installation based on the idea of the beauty of imperfection in a world of seemingly perfect, smooth social media images and the sensitive use of resources in times of digitalization. I started drawing on my mobile phone in 2019. I had some random ideas and wanted to try out new motifs without wasting too many resources.

I wanted  to present these drawings in an analog form and thought it would be funny to print them on T-shirts that fit close to the body, just like our mobile phones are always physically close to us.

For the installation, I wanted to use only recycled materials, such as the remaining wood, fabrics, paints and other materials I already had in my studio.

Extraordinary Value of a non existing item, 2017

The series Extraordinary value of a nonexisting item  deals with the question of how the desire to own high-quality goods and luxury items arises. In my research for the series, I looked for fashion photos in fashion magazines that particularly appealed to me personally. I wanted to find out why these clothes, of all things, triggered an urge in me to own them. So I analyzed the color combinations and materials of the garments shown individually, looked for raw materials similar to the material and bought them. I used these materials to create pictorial compositions and thus translated them into abstract paintings. Decoupled from the model, the surroundings of the photo taken and the mood, a completely new impression and relationship to the object emerged.

Hey Lover, 2023

After my last long holiday in Italy, I felt an irrepressible desire to paint a series of pictures that would be able to preserve the yearning summer holiday feeling. I immediately made my way to the studio and stroked the smooth surfaces of the paper with a soft, hairy brush to transform my experiences into abstract areas of colour in which body and landscape merge.💙💕💖💛💙🚤🌞🍋

fourteen-part series

'Hey Lover'
Oil on oil painting paper
each 40 cm x30 cm